Friday, October 18, 2013

What Can you Give When You Have Nothing?

This is for my one and only sister who is celebrating her birthday on October 20. Like the title of this blog says, I have nothing expensive to give her..I have nothing..what I do have is something that cannot be given any monetary value. My love.

my sister with her family. They are now living in Ontario, Canada

Dear Manang,

As you celebrate another year in your life, I would like to congratulate you for the things that you have achieved. In order for the people who are reading this to truly appreciate the impact of what I am saying, I am enumerating all the things that you have done in life that will prove how successful you are..

..You are a second parent to your siblings and you love us unconditionally..

..You helped me graduate in school and provided me with something to get on with my life   post college..This is something I could never repay..And your helping hand and encouragements in my current undertakings has a major impact on me..I am trying to reach my ultimate dream, with God's grace..and I owe you for helping me every step of the way..I will strive harder most especially for you so that your sacrifices will not be put to waste..

..You helped our brothers graduate in college..

..You helped Mamang and Papang when Manong Jayson and I had to undergo surgeries..It was a difficult time for us but you were too resourceful and determined to help us get through with were not required to do so but you did it anyway..And you continued to help us every single time..offering help without need of notice..

..You helped our parents regain what they have lost - their business..but most importantly, you helped them regain their confidence and trust that things will get better in time..and it did..Life is far better for us now than before..

..You have set an example to us when you built a good family for yourself..

..You taught us to not settle for anything less and to dream big..

..You taught us to enjoy the better things in life and to savor the best while it last..

..You taught me to ignore the people who are underestimating us and to walk with pride because despite the hardships, we overcame them all..

..You taught us that family is everything..that when everyone leaves us, our family will not..and despite the things that we have done and the things that we will still do, our family will always be there to support us in every aspect..

Although materially speaking, you are successful enough, it's the things in life that cannot be equated with money or things that truly matters..and with that, you are a certified fulfilled person.

I truly appreciate how good you are as a sister. I don't know about the sisters of other people but I think you project a character not many sisters possess..or not many people possess for that matter. You are not just a strong, determined woman, you are also brave and resolved. I know life is a bit hard at the moment but you never ceases to try to make things become better.

I thank God for giving us a family like would definitely be different had God decided to give you to other family and we are lucky..your husband and daughter is equally lucky..

I love you so much..I look up to you..

You matter to me a lot more than what you think you do..

Happy happy birthday manang!!!!