Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What would you ask God?

Yes, life sucks. It suffocates. It literally takes your breath away. This is true not only to our own personal lives but to everyone in general. We face too many challenges and we encounter too many situations where an explanation can never really be fathomed by human minds. 

And so we wonder, is there really a God? Sometimes, when we are faced with adversities too big for us the hurdle, we question if God is really present..we question His reasons.

And we also wonder, when in the midst of triumphs, victories, happiness, success and elation, how good our God is? How powerful and wonderful He is? We wonder as always and we try to find answers to questions we know that can never be answered because the answers do not lie here on earth. Answers are laid beyond life, beyond earth.

They say that it is better to believe that there is a God and later when we die, know that there is none than live believing that there is no God then later, realize that there is. They even say that there is no harm if we believe although I strongly disagree because history will tell us that we witnessed immeasurable human sufferings because of our beliefs (example: Jesus' crucifixion, mass killings of the Jews during Hitler's years, and now, the terror brought by ISIS who are killing innocent people believed to be Christians).

I believe in God. I believe that He created life and everything we see around. He even created the angels who unfortunately turned their backs on Him to be like Him. But I have too many questions that I could not find any answers to. Listed here are five of the questions I would ask Him first if I will be given the chance to do so.

1.  Where did God come from?
    - Are you not wondering where God really came from? Does He has a Mom and Dad too? Where did He acquire His immense Power? I think that maybe if we'll know where He really came from, we will understand better our origin. This may be a bit of an immature question but don't you wanna know too?

2.  Why do you love us so much?
      - I may need to be reoriented why He loves us that much enough to sacrifice His only begotten Son to be crucified by His own creations. Does the bible say so? I don't read Bible that much but I know that that book does not really explain why He loves us. Or I could be wrong. People always say that because God loves us, he blesses us with tangible and intangible things, that even sufferings, failures, and sorrows are forms of blessings from Him to mold and build us the be who we are meant to be. Why?

3. Are we alone in the universe?
  - If God created everything, it means all that is present in the outer space - stars, meteors, moons, planets, solar systems, gases - everything in the universe is created by Him. But, is the planet earth the only habitable planet? Or is there another "Earth" outside our own where humans or other living creatures also live? Personally, I believe there is since Universe is so vast that it's impossible that we are alone. But can God please confirm this belief?

4. Is it true that our lives are already plotted even before we are born?
    - Then  what's the use of our free will if we are already destined to be somebody inspite of anything? Forgive me if I may sound too naive. I just could not bring myself to believe that despite our choices, we will end up to be who we should be in the future. So, even if I kill myself to become a lawyer, if I am destined to be a loser, I will be a loser. Well, that's not so comforting.

5. Why do people we love turn their backs on us? and more questions..
    - Why do the people we love are the ones who easily leave us, condemn us, push us to the corners rendering as immobile? Why do they find it hard to forgive us when we have wronged them? Why do they find it hard to understand us? Why do the people we love so much are the primary source of our unhappiness? I just can't reconcile it.

Do you have your own list of questions for Him? You never know, He will reveal His answers now.

Or do you have answers to my questions?