Friday, May 8, 2015

"When I'm a Millionaire" - A Crazy Mind Wandering

This article goes to those who are financially poor as me and those who live paycheck by paycheck. :)
Have you ever thought of yourself being a millionaire? Have you imagined yourself winning a multimillion lottery? What would you do with all that money? Seems like a question in a beauty pageant, but have you really thought of it?

You know, whenever I experience sleepless nights thinking about how to survive when the paycheck is spent to the last centavo, I try to exercise my mind to bring myself to sleep and wander in the vast universe of imagination and I often think what would I do if I happen to acquire a huge amount of money. Why not say, "when I'm a Billionaire" just like what Bruno Mars said? Well, you may say that "imagining" or "dreaming" things is limitless and boundless but I feel guilty whenever I think of becoming a billionaire. I feel that it would be too greedy to imagine that much. hahaha.

When I imagine things, I usually try to make it as organized as possible so it would become seemingly realistic. I try to limit the extent of my imagination just to make it more grounded in reality and make it more attainable I guess, which is crazy because really, becoming a millionaire is like finding a lost precious diamond submerged in the depths of the ocean.

So, I start with deciding how rich I am. I'd like to have perhaps as a start, the amount of Php500,000,000 (It's Philippine peso for the foreign readers). Then I'd think where would I spend that amount:

a. I will distribute the 10% of 500M to different charities especially those who are taking care of the Aged and the Orphans and to different churches. It's one way of giving back to the world what it offered me.

b. I would pay ALL the debts of my family. I will redeem all the land my family leased to several people.

c. I will spend some to complete the renovation of our family home in the province and transform it into a huge house where family reunions can be held. I will make sure that all the rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with flat screen televisions and very comfy beds!

d. I will buy my own house with three bedrooms only and one tiny room as a library-office. It would have minimal furniture to avoid clutters. I would make sure that the kitchen and toilets are state of the art. I would like to have a small walk-in closet as well. :)  I don't want to buy a mansion since a medium-sized house is all I need for me and my future family. Besides, who would clean a mansion who most probably won't have a lot of people all the time? I don't want to hire too many housemaids. That's boastful.

e. I will buy five to six cars for my parents and my siblings. Maybe a Fortuner for me and Ford Ranger Wildtrak for off-road travels. I will let my parents and siblings choose theirs. I can afford it.

f. I will buy acres of land that my father can till since it's his passion to grow crops and also, he would probably feel ill if he do nothing at all. He would probably plant Rubber trees and Palay (Rice Crops). Of course, he will have enough to pay for farm workers and to buy machines for this purpose. He will just sit under a huge umbrella on the side, sip his tea or coffee while watching his hired men work for him. He would be a "Don" in the first place.

g. I will give my mother an air-conditioned supermarket where she can sell sari-sari or groceries and dry goods. My mama would die of boredom if she does nothing at all just like my father. This is what she has been doing even before she married my father and this is what she does best. She's a businesswoman at heart.

h. I will allocate P20Million to each of my siblings to start building a business for their families. They won't need to spend in buying cars and building their house because I will gift each of them with it. I will also take charge is ensuring that our parents are taken care of the best way possible.

i. I will open a chain of grocery stores myself in different towns in my province and perhaps franchise a business. I am really interested to franchise Jolibee or Mang Inasal. I will also open a Recreational Center where different indoor games can be held, with net cafes inside, a medium-sized cinema and other fun activities. I will have stalls for lease. These businesses would keep income coming in.

j. I will finish law school and if I become a lawyer, I will build a law firm with my two closest friends, Dirt and Utod. We will offer our services pro bono to those who can't afford to hire good lawyers. :)

k. I will give my aunts and uncles from both of my parents' side enough amount to alleviate their condition. Perhaps, I will hire some of them to work for us so they can have permanent source of income.

l. I will sponsor the education of my cousins who are determined to graduate.

m. I will build a private Primary and Secondary school offering FREE education to poor children and even to those who were not able to go to school because of poverty and will sponsor college educations of those who will graduate with excellent grades from my school. 

n. I will travel to many places all over the world with my family, eat all the food that we can eat and enjoy the blessings of God the best way possible.

o. And when I die, 50% of my wealth will be given to different charities of my choosing, and 50% to be distributed to my children or if I have none, to my immediate family. Then I would request that I be cremated and use my ashes as soil to plant roses or dahlias to be planted in my mother's garden.

You know, you can be a millionaire and still have a heart. Even though it's just in your imagination. When I imagine things, I always bring my values with me. 

Unfortunately, those who are already millionaires, especially those rags-to-riches type, they forget who they are when they take hold of their millions. They forget their families, they forget their values, and others forget their humanity. And it is really sad. 

I've seen millionaires who are unhappy and alone because they let themselves become slaves of money. You can see that they are not able to sleep soundly at night and you can see that they have close to zero real friends. Even their families stay away from them sometimes. And I realize, it should not be about how much you have but how much you are willing to give up for others that define who you are and measures how vast your wealth is.

When I become a Millionaire, I promise I will make many people happy.

Ciao! :)