Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love keeps us alive..

Yes. You are not mistaken. The subject matter of my blog today is about love. I do not normally talk about this phenomenon since I find it too sweet..too corny..too embarrassing.But not today. I want to engage in mental intercourse and I think this is the best subject. This subject, admit it or not, exercises our brains a lot because we can never truly fathom its depth..we can never explain nor discover why it is existent in the first place so we can never truly lose interest in discovering the explanation why it is here. Only God will be able to answer that, I guess. (I am even wondering if God knows why he feels it as well that's why He created us..considering that we are only causing him immeasurable pain). So, I am expecting a great mental orgasm tackling this subject. 

I won't be too poetic, though. I might bore you. Just read on..

Love is a feeling that must be cherished and be kept within the deepest recesses of our hearts, to be revealed only to those who are/is the real subject of such feelings. It's an emotion that is placed on center-stage in the lives of those who are driven by it..between lovers, between friends, between families..or between man and inanimate objects, like money for instance.

According to wikipedia, love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from pleasure ("I loved that meal") to interpersonal attraction ("I love my partner"). It can refer to an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment.It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection—"the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another". And it may describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one's self or animals.

Even wikipedia cannot validly decide on a single definition of love.

On a scientific point of view, biological basis, to be exact, love is a "mammalian drive" much like hunger and thirst. Therefore, I conclude from this premise, that we cannot live without it. Right.  

I think it is the most complicated feelings there is..

It can build and destroy families, friends, nations..It built the world and it is slowly destroying it as well..

Do you ever wonder why wars broke? Why crimes exist? Why the world is in shamble?

Because people love something..or someone..and we had to do what we did to express it, to protect it. I cannot honestly elaborate on this (or I am just lazy enough to think) but I strongly believe in this reasoning.

Recently, in the Philippines, we were witnesses to the roller-coaster love story of actor Cesar Montano and wife Sunshine Cruz, Sen. Chiz Escudero and actress Heart Evangelista, the basketball player James Yap and his estranged wife, Kris Aquino, and the brawl between actors Jayson Francisco and John Prats over comedienne Melai Cantiveros (not a love triangle, if I may emphasize). So loud are the issues surrounding their love story that they became a news fodder..their stories became a national issue that other concerns like the Sabbah crisis had taken a back seat. Well, i guess nothing is simple when love enters the picture.

A brokenhearted lover kills the love of his life because he cannot release her for some other guy. A husband and a father destroys his family over a mistress. An employee will create alibis/lies to his boss so he can keep his job so he can feed his family. A robber had to rob and kill an old woman so he can have money to send his ailing child to a medical institution. I can go on and on  about the many demonstrations and proof of love and the list will not end. Love clearly causes tragedy. In fact, love is tragedy.

Well, of course, there's the positive side. You know them already. You need no emphasis on this matter.

But whether love breaks you or make you to whoever you are now, I can say that love, above money, rules the world and keeps it from falling apart completely. It makes the world rotate in its axis. Love makes the mornings beautiful and evenings magical.

Like everything else in this world., love has two sides, good and bad, positive and negative. Each of us lives and dies because of it. This is the blood that flows in our veins (only, it's colored green. Kidding.) This is why we exist.

If you are looking for your purpose in life, you need no technical education or too much reflection. The answer is simply this. 

The world breaths only because of this.

I am not sure if this is even worth your time. :)


Friday, March 22, 2013

Being fat is fun!

I am Fat. That's a Fact. When I had my check-up recently, the doctor said that my weight in proportion to my height is already categorized as 'obese' (Level 1, Thank God!). I was in great disbelief and concluded that this weight categorization sucks! See, I have always thought that obese people are those who have body types that can pass for a sumo wrestler!

 This one..

 or this! see my point???

The doctor said that I should lose my excess weight (which is about 29 pounds or 13 kilos!) to avoid health complications . She also told me that I already have the tendency to acquire high blood pressure! I really could not believe it but of course, I should since that's what the doctor said. I got scared really especially when I learned that obesity ranked 2nd, next to smoking, among the causes of death.

So, okay, I am fat. What can I do?? The food just can't resist tempting me. And they taste good! Why should I deprive myself of the pleasure to indulge myself in eating delicious food? What best way to spend my earnings than feed myself, right?

People tell me that I should lose weight because aside from the possibility of acquiring multiple weight-related illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease which which can cut your life up to 20 years, there are impacts on how people will view me as a person. Whatever.

When I was in High School, I had the curves worthy of the male species' second or third glance (some who were brave enough, stared) and I thought some girls envied me.hehehe. I am not saying that it's a good thing that people only look at you because of your physical attractiveness..but it somehow boosted my confidence. Then in college, I lost weight enough that a gust of wind could blow me away! Pretty much the same as the girl in the picture below. Even thinner!

When I gained tons of weight after college, naturally, I could not fit in my jeans anymore and I had to buy new ones. I could not wear fit blouses  because my belly fat protrudes to its finest glory. I was hesitant to have my pictures taken at a close range. I look thinner when my pictures are taken from afar. Hah! 

But I have already gotten used to it. And I finally told myself one day, fuck that! I am happy just the way I am. 

The people I know my whole life treat me the same and even became nicer to me.

My boyfriend never left me. And I think his love and affection intensifies each day.

I gained new friends. (I think, some people want to make friends with me because they can look better when they are with me..hahaha. Kidding).

I am always VISIBLE. I can be easily spotted in the crowd so I don't need to do anything to be noticed, really.

I became an excellent hugger because I feel like a cushion. So, some of my friends love to cuddle me.  Apparently, I feel soft!

My value as a professional has not been diminished but rather increases which proves that companies are more into what you can do for the business rather than being just an eye candy for the men at work.

I am adding also some of the comments of people I gathered in the net about the advantages of being fat.

  • “The extra layers of fat provide warmth in winter, so you don’t need to run the heater. Win for you, win for the environment.”
  • “Protective of internal organs (like how women gain weight in pregnancy for cushioning)”, “More adipose tissue in face can make you look younger” and “My cat & my child both like sitting on me cause I’m soft!”
  • “Studies have shown that as you get older, additional fat stores can prolong life.”
  • Why would I want to be friends with the kind of person who doesn’t like me the way I am?”
  •  “more body to tattoo”

On top of these all, I can easily identify the people who are interested in me as a person. It is easier to filter friends that way. I have had my dose of rejections but I realized that it's not worth my time hanging with shallow people anyway.

I would like to poke fun to myself so I'm going to share  these photos of me as I progress from being a thin gal to being a fat, happy woman that I am right now. :))

Funny Signs Around Philippines..

I am not in the mood to exercise my brain and write some things at this moment but I want to lighten your mood by sharing the following photos of signages posted in the different corners in the Philippines.


Wacky Laws Ever Passed..

In my boring hours alone, I am spending my time surfing the net searching nothing in particular. Clicking on links and sometimes, dropping some comments to some articles. And then, I came across a list of crazy laws passed in the history of mankind and knowing these laws elicited laugh and disbelief from me. I realized that men can really be crazy.

And as what some scientists say that mankind have used up only 10% of his intelligence, maybe these laws are products of the rest of our intelligence.

You cannot quote me on this and I am not claiming that these laws actually exist. But I found these ten laws so ridiculous, funny, and at times, too encroaching on citizen's personal choices that I wanted to share them to you.

Enjoy! :)

1. In Samoa, it's illegal to forget your wife's birthday. (What??!! Nakakaloka. Oo nga naman. Baka masira ang pagsasama and pati ang mga anak maapektuhan, maging problema pa ng lipunan.Check!)

2. In New York, the penalty for jumping off a building is death. (Malamang. Baka kasi mabalian ka lang ng buto eh.) 

3. In Oklahoma, you can be arrested for making ugly faces at a dog. (You might hurt it's feelings and bite you..tsk..tsk..)

4. In Oklahoma again, if DOGS wish to congregate in groups of three or more on a private property, they need to obtain a permit signed by the mayor. (So, the dogs must hire a representative to do this since they cannot write and even talk.)

5. In Florida, it is illegal to fart in public places after 6pm on Thursdays. (Any day and time but Thursday at 6pm! Scheduling pala ito!)
6. In Indiana, it is illegal for a man to be sexually aroused in public. (Putulin na lang kaya..)

7. In Colorado, a man cannot marry his wife’s grandmother.(What if the grandmother is filthy rich??)

8. In Lebanon, men are allowed to engage in sexual intercourse with female animals. If caught with a male animal, the punishment is death. (Yeah right, humans are animals too so, it's fine. But same sex is strictly prohibited here..)

8. In Hongkong, a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her adulterous husband, but may only do so with her bare hands (Hindi ba parang lugi naman??). The husband's lover, on the other hand, may be killed in any manner desired. (Ipakain sa pating!!!)

9. In Florida, anyone who takes a bath must wear clothes. (Oo nga naman, baka mabusuhan eh!)

10. In Ohio, Policemen are allowed to bite a dog if they think it will calm the dog down. (This is really news worthy!)

If you want to know more laws of this kind, you may click on these links.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

26 things I have learned so far..

I just had a realization that I am getting older by the day and I am wondering where exactly I am right now in my life. And I was thinking, what have I gained from this life so far? What are the truths in this life that I have come to accept? (This is quite heavy..)

So, as the title of this blog suggests, I came up with this list of 26 things to remind myself that life is definitely worth my while.Why 26?? It's a no-brainer really..I'm 26 so I guess, it's fun to cite the same number of things..

I think, you can relate to some of these..:)

 1. Miracles do happen. Translated: When I've spent all my money and I have none left in my pocket, there's friends who can lend me some to spend more..and there's people who will suddenly offer me a free lunch!

2. I can live without my cellphone. People who wants to contact me will surely find a way.

3. I can't win against people who have nothing to lose..

4. People who speak ill of her friends to me will surely speak ill of me to others..

5. Humans are infinitely good. You just have to know which button to push to illicit desired result. Translation: Humility and honesty will melt anger and will open doors of understanding and consideration.

6. My parents will always be proud of me no matter how mediocre my achievements are. So, I don't worry. I will always have loyal fans.

7. I can never deny the fact that despite my pride and joy when my friends get lucky on things, I will always feel envious at a certain level..

8. No matter what people will say about Miriam Defensor-Santiago, she will always be one of the most intelligent Filipinos there is and definitely, one of my most admired people in the whole world!

9. The most effective way to get back at my enemies is to be happy. 

10. No matter how good I think I am in what I do, there will always be better than me.

11. I stopped feeling embarrass when I stumble or fall (figuratively or literally). I observe that when you laugh at yourself, it is easier to accept your situation. And besides, mostly, the people around you don't give a damn.

12. Beauty is a matter of opinion. In my opinion, I am beautiful. In yours, I may be not.

13. It's not important to have so many friends. It's important to keep a few but true ones. So far, I only have three best friends in my entire life. And I feel like they're a handful!!! 

14. The people who I think hate or envy me the most (secretly) are the people who are constantly visiting my Facebook and is constantly on the look out for any developments in my life..waiting for me to screw up.

15. There will always be people who will mock me. No matter how relevant I am and my actions and views are. And I have learned to ignore them..much to their dismay.

16. There were at least six highly successful people who told me I will become someone important someday. And since then, I have hated and loved them at the same time. I hate them because they made me feel I am not yet important. And I love them because they were brutally honest enough to express how they admire me. 

17. No matter how much I pay in return for the money I owe to my friends, I can never repay them for saving my ass during my pauper days.

18. I am not defined by the gadgets I own or by the brand of clothing I wear nor by the kind of food I eat. I am defined by how I long I can make use of those things and how much weight I gain for eating what I eat.

19. The more I use computer in writing documents or composing articles, etc.., the more I unlearn to write legibly on an actual paper.

20. No matter how much we earn and no matter how successful people become, man's hunger for more can never be satiated.

21. At some point in our lives, we will become victims of something by somebody.

22. I've become a butt of jokes to some people for at least once in my life. And it sucks knowing about it.

23. My first relationship was one of the most painful, heartbreaking experiences I had... and one of the easiest to forget.

24. I am always interested to know what have become of my exes.

25. God is real.
26.  The world will never end.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

When your bestfriend becomes Somebody

I just got the news that my dear best friend, Lemuel Leal passed the October 2012 Bar exam. I immediately called him up to say my congratulations. We both cried. He was telling me how thankful he is for all the prayers and how lucky he is that I am part of his life and that without me, he would have not done it although what I have given him only was my support, prayers, and encouragements. 

"Utod" as what I fondly calls him is a dear friend who I met ten years ago. We were classmates in Mindanao State University in General Santos City. We practically faced all the hurdles of college life together along with our other best friend, Marc Lynch Maguan who I call "Dirty". 

What I could not really forget is when the two of us had to be awake for 24 hours just to finish our thesis. The sacrifice paid off and we passed the thesis defense without much difficulties. I knew from the start that "utod" is destined to become somebody and I was right. This coming April 24, he will take his oath as one of the Philippines' Attorney-at-Law. I am so proud of him.

Lemuel and I when we were younger..hehehehehe..
And I envy him. Because he is now living "our" dream. The three of us, Utod, Dirty, and I entered law school to reach this dream but I had to stop. I was already on my 3rd year but I transferred work so I had to leave my studies behind. Dirty on the other hand is about to graduate from Law and I have no doubt, will become a lawyer very very soon. And I am left alone. Wondering when will I become one myself. 

Dirty and I..

goofing around..hehehehe..
Utod told me I must re-enroll this year. That he will support me all the way. I don't doubt it. But can I do it? My sister said that I don't have clear direction. Always starting something but not finishing it. Always taking risks. Always diving on something unknown. 

This makes me wonder if I am really making progress for myself. When I learned that Lemmie passed the Bar, a great realization washed over me. I am not thinking straight and I am not taking the straight path. I am lazy. I have no definite direction.

Don't get me wrong. I love my profession. I so love it that I chose it over law school. But that does not mean I don't love law as much as I do with my profession. It's just that, the need to earn a living becomes so great that I need to postpone the pursuit of law profession. Learning that utod passed the bar ignited again my desire. And this time, I will do it.

But I don't know how to start..again. There's the financial issue. There's my work. I can go to school at night. I can do that. Think..think..plan..plan..and decide.

Anyway, I am just glad that utod reached his dream already. He deserves it knowing how hard the struggles he had to overcome just to be where he is right now. 

moments with the "Spanish bread" vendors during college..

graduation with my best friends and some of our classmates!
And come to think of it, I have a lawyer best friend! How cool is that?!

Congratulations utod! I hope you will become a good practicing lawyer. Love you much!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I don't vote because..

I am 26 years old now. I am a Political Science graduate from a state university known for its student activists. I was one of the activists! I took up 3 years in Law. I read and listen to both local and international news everyday. I am interested in watching shows about our candidates or interviews on candidates for May 2013 elections and I have strong opinions about each of them. But I don't vote. I never did.

I never voted for any local or national elections. The closest thing I got to voting or engaging in elections is whenever our class will have to vote for class officers and during campus elections during my elementary and High School days. I ran for President when I was in Grade six and lost to my contender for about 10 votes. That was one of the biggest heartbreaks in my younger days. During High School, I was one of the senators in our student body organization, even ranked 2nd among those who garnered the most votes from the students. Crazy, right? Winning the election elated me. But when I turned 18, I lost all interest to vote.

I am not a victim of any politicking. I don't have horrible experiences related to elections. It's just that, I have no faith in our government and that whoever I think will be voted for office will eventually  forget us and will only be focused in advancing their political and personal interests. I don't think the candidates have genuine concern about the plight of the poor, marginalized, and oppressed sectors. 

Time and time again, these political players are only concerned about how to remain relevant in the political system of the Philippines, even becoming "political prostitutes" just to ensure their spot in the office they are running for. One day, they will throw mud at each other, then the next, they will praise each other. For example, Villar and Aquino who ran against each other during the last presidential elections. Now, Pnoy is endorsing Manny Villar's wife, "Misis Hanepbuhay" Cynthia Villar who is running for Senator this 2013 Elections. Tsk..tsk..

They say that to effect change, I have to vote and choose those who I think will bring about the much needed change in our society. I have to get involved. I may be only one but it takes one to make a change. I don't believe it. 

For many years, the number of voters in the Philippines increased from 47.7 million in 2012 to more than 52 million as of last count. This is due to the increase of registered voters aged 18-25 years old. Maybe. Or maybe because our population has now ballooned to 103,775,002 from 92 million in 2012. I think the increase in registered voters is logical given our number now. But so far, are there any changes?

Crime rates remain the same or even increased. And I think the criminals become more brutal now. What with the gang rape of a 5 years old girl, the massacre of journalists, the killing of an infant by his mother, kidnapping, corruption, the list goes on. The number of jobs is limited in proportion to the number of persons needing them. Commodities cost a lot and is beyond the capacity of poor families to buy. Education now becomes a privilege rather than a right as what the constitution says. More and more Filipinos prefer to work abroad to earn enough for their families. The minimum wage set by the government is not sufficient for a family of six to survive. God, how awful.

So what can my vote do when the 50+ million votes were not able to do it?

So, does this rob me my right to opinionate on how our officials conduct themselves in their official capacities? Of course not. I have this right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Does this prevent me from complaining on how these officials run the affairs of the state? No, it doesn't. 

I think this give me more power to scrutinize because I don't side with any politicians. I side with the real issue. I side with the truth. I may not be involved in a political activity like elections but I am not keeping my mouth shut. Perhaps, one voice is not a force to be reckoned with when it comes to bringing our grievances to the radar of our government officials. But I can try..and try..

So to those who are asking for my vote, know this.. 

I do not vote. And I probably never will. 

This is my receipt when I registered as voter last 2006. I never used this. I never claimed my Voter's ID to this day.


Monday, March 18, 2013

HR to newbies..

Being in human resources department for six years doesn't make me an authority in the profession but I have gathered useful bits of experience-based knowledge that i think will be useful to those who are interested to enter the profession. And I'd like to share to you just for nothing really..:) Just kidding. 

I want to impart my experiences to encourage you to try HR as a profession or if you don't really want it, I hope I'd be able to make you understand about HR. There are lots of misconceptions about HR people. For one, HR people are still humans so do not expect us to keep our calm when you are trying to test our patience. :)

So, here goes..

In entering the profession, your heart should also be in it. It is not a simple job as it may seem from the point of view of other professions. It needs your constant attention and energy. There's a lot of thinking / brain exercises. There's always new things that you can learn lessons from especially that you are dealing with people. People with different backgrounds, with different views on things, with different culture and orientation, with different beliefs, attitudes, and character. In short, this profession is not for the fainthearted.

In one of my many work stations..:)
To be in HR, you don't really need to graduate in any HR-related courses like Psychology or Industrial Engineering. I graduated with a course in Political Science but I end up doing HR jobs. But if you really want to succeed in HR, it will really help if you undergo formal trainings or education because it will really assist you to adjust immediately to this dynamic profession. However, if you have a good boss who can mentor you about HR, the better. Nothing beats the knowledge gained from experience and immersion. I am really lucky to have started practicing HR with a boss that doesn't keep her knowledge to herself. 

You must also be keen to details. People are really sensitive and easily offended when you commit even a slight mistake. Example, in the spelling of their names, in the details of their contracts, the grant of their benefits, the computation of their leave credits and tardiness, in computing their bonuses if you are in payroll. All hell will break loose when this will happen so be very careful. Review everything. Even your announcements will be an object of scrutiny so it doesn't hurt to throw a second or third glance to your inputs before releasing. As my former boss termed it, "Always cover your ass". Pardon the word.

Try to be friendly to every person entering your office but always keep your professional distance. This may sound so easy but in reality, it takes a lot of effort to please every person asking our assistance/services. There are people who tries to bully us because they thought we cannot be triggered to get angry or throw a fit towards them because after-all, we are in HR. We are supposed to have long patience, that we can explain why people behave the way they do thus we are expected to keep mum when 'attacked'. In reality, that is not true. As HR, when people act like cavemen, we should tell them in a respectful and professional manner that we will not tolerate such behaviors. Slap them with the company policy on good manners and right conduct. That will shut them up. But never forget to address their concerns. Always work on their concerns however petty so they will not feel neglected. Motivation is a big factor in employee performance. If they will feel that HR is ignoring them and in effect will feel ignored by the management, prepare for a no-nonsense manpower problem.

HR people should be strong and firm. We should always stand our ground especially if we want to get results. If we want the employees to follow the rules set by the company, we should be fair to everyone. Discipline those who needs disciplining and reward those who deserve so. Of course, we should lead by example. We are looked up by other departments when it comes to following the rules and regulations. So we should always be careful not to earn the ire of other employees by violating the rules and getting away with it unscathed.

In one of my travels as HR Specialist - In Isabela
HR is a very exciting profession. It will allow you to understand human behaviors better. You will be exposed to so many types of persons that will hone your people-skills and will help you become more patient and understanding of the actions of the people around you. You will play so many roles. There will be a time that you will play as a tape recorder, a shock absorber, an adviser, and a listener. You will gain friends and enemies. You will be both admired and ridiculed. You will be loved and hated at the same time.

On the technical side, you should learn the basics of hiring and recruitment, training and development, and payroll and timekeeping. When I first became an HR staff, those were the first areas that I tried to become familiar with then I eventually learned how to conduct investigations when it comes to employee relations, I did some events organizing and is eventually hired to higher HR position. It was not an easy ride, I tell you. It IS still difficult. I am still in the stage of climbing the next level. But I am absorbing everything. Trying to keep in mind the lessons learned in every situation.

My space..boring, rigth??except for the banana!

Finally, do not forget to enjoy. Love your work and your work will love you back. Do not be afraid to commit mistakes. Mistakes are the events/experience/situation that we did not learn anything from. Being in Human Resources doesn't make us an expert on people. It only teaches us to better understand them and to better understand ourselves as we move along in the society. So, just enjoy. Life is too short to frown.

Pleasure and Business mixed! @ Lake Sebu.

The force that is family..

I'd like to think that I am one of the luckiest persons on earth who is blessed with a complete family, with strong bond and closeness not even a big storm can untangle. I have been living away from my parents for the past ten years. Going home only during special occasions or during holidays or about three (3) or four (4) times a year. And every time I am home, a feeling of relief washes over me. I feel safe and secure with them. 

Our family is the foundation of our being. They are part of our whole. They are one of the puzzles in our lives without which, we can never really feel complete whatever successes is brought to us by life.

The mother who always pray for her children and who never tires of telling people how proud she is of her children and their achievements. A mother who understands and listens but never tries to influence her children's decision. A loving mother who will go at lengths to protect, support and love her children. All of us are a mother's child. And no matter how cruel we think some of the mothers are, they were chosen by God to bring you to the world. That reason alone is enough to always be thankful to our mothers. I am my mother's child.

My Mama in one of her relaxed and happy moments. I love you Ma.
The father who is the symbol of strength of the family. Who doesn't say much but whose silence says a lot. He doesn't seem to show so much emotion but you can feel his devotion to the whole family. The father who disciplines his children so they won't go astray. The father who will put his life on the line just to make sure his family is safe. The father who has to wake up early and visit the farm to check if our "future" is growing well and sees to it that come harvest time, his children has good food in the table. A father who sacrifices a lot for us but doesn't admit it's a sacrifice at all because it was done out of love..

My Papang at SM Lanang, visiting her youngest hija. :)
The brothers and sisters we have are the first friends we have in the world. We quarrel with them about almost every thing petty or nonsense. We fight over many things but miraculously, our love for them is never diminished. That during wartime with other kids, we pull ourselves together and fight as a team. I once confronted a boy who punched my brother over a girl back in High School. We will never allow anyone to hurt them. We always have their support. Home is a happier place with them.

My brothers with our niece..

Our youngest brother and eldest sister.

rare photo together..

when we were younger..

My brother with our cute niece..

Our family is our foundation. After the world will drain everything from us. After the failures and success, we will always go home to our family. Even after we quarrel, even after we weather the storm, we will always long for our family.

And as I've said, I am the luckiest person to belong to a complete family.

I hope you can see the value of your family and see to it to make them feel your love to them everyday of your lives because EVEN IF EVERYTHING FAILS - Our career, social status, relationships - WE CAN BE SURE TO BE ABLE TO GO HOME TO A FAMILY.