Thursday, March 21, 2013

26 things I have learned so far..

I just had a realization that I am getting older by the day and I am wondering where exactly I am right now in my life. And I was thinking, what have I gained from this life so far? What are the truths in this life that I have come to accept? (This is quite heavy..)

So, as the title of this blog suggests, I came up with this list of 26 things to remind myself that life is definitely worth my while.Why 26?? It's a no-brainer really..I'm 26 so I guess, it's fun to cite the same number of things..

I think, you can relate to some of these..:)

 1. Miracles do happen. Translated: When I've spent all my money and I have none left in my pocket, there's friends who can lend me some to spend more..and there's people who will suddenly offer me a free lunch!

2. I can live without my cellphone. People who wants to contact me will surely find a way.

3. I can't win against people who have nothing to lose..

4. People who speak ill of her friends to me will surely speak ill of me to others..

5. Humans are infinitely good. You just have to know which button to push to illicit desired result. Translation: Humility and honesty will melt anger and will open doors of understanding and consideration.

6. My parents will always be proud of me no matter how mediocre my achievements are. So, I don't worry. I will always have loyal fans.

7. I can never deny the fact that despite my pride and joy when my friends get lucky on things, I will always feel envious at a certain level..

8. No matter what people will say about Miriam Defensor-Santiago, she will always be one of the most intelligent Filipinos there is and definitely, one of my most admired people in the whole world!

9. The most effective way to get back at my enemies is to be happy. 

10. No matter how good I think I am in what I do, there will always be better than me.

11. I stopped feeling embarrass when I stumble or fall (figuratively or literally). I observe that when you laugh at yourself, it is easier to accept your situation. And besides, mostly, the people around you don't give a damn.

12. Beauty is a matter of opinion. In my opinion, I am beautiful. In yours, I may be not.

13. It's not important to have so many friends. It's important to keep a few but true ones. So far, I only have three best friends in my entire life. And I feel like they're a handful!!! 

14. The people who I think hate or envy me the most (secretly) are the people who are constantly visiting my Facebook and is constantly on the look out for any developments in my life..waiting for me to screw up.

15. There will always be people who will mock me. No matter how relevant I am and my actions and views are. And I have learned to ignore them..much to their dismay.

16. There were at least six highly successful people who told me I will become someone important someday. And since then, I have hated and loved them at the same time. I hate them because they made me feel I am not yet important. And I love them because they were brutally honest enough to express how they admire me. 

17. No matter how much I pay in return for the money I owe to my friends, I can never repay them for saving my ass during my pauper days.

18. I am not defined by the gadgets I own or by the brand of clothing I wear nor by the kind of food I eat. I am defined by how I long I can make use of those things and how much weight I gain for eating what I eat.

19. The more I use computer in writing documents or composing articles, etc.., the more I unlearn to write legibly on an actual paper.

20. No matter how much we earn and no matter how successful people become, man's hunger for more can never be satiated.

21. At some point in our lives, we will become victims of something by somebody.

22. I've become a butt of jokes to some people for at least once in my life. And it sucks knowing about it.

23. My first relationship was one of the most painful, heartbreaking experiences I had... and one of the easiest to forget.

24. I am always interested to know what have become of my exes.

25. God is real.
26.  The world will never end.