Monday, March 18, 2013

The force that is family..

I'd like to think that I am one of the luckiest persons on earth who is blessed with a complete family, with strong bond and closeness not even a big storm can untangle. I have been living away from my parents for the past ten years. Going home only during special occasions or during holidays or about three (3) or four (4) times a year. And every time I am home, a feeling of relief washes over me. I feel safe and secure with them. 

Our family is the foundation of our being. They are part of our whole. They are one of the puzzles in our lives without which, we can never really feel complete whatever successes is brought to us by life.

The mother who always pray for her children and who never tires of telling people how proud she is of her children and their achievements. A mother who understands and listens but never tries to influence her children's decision. A loving mother who will go at lengths to protect, support and love her children. All of us are a mother's child. And no matter how cruel we think some of the mothers are, they were chosen by God to bring you to the world. That reason alone is enough to always be thankful to our mothers. I am my mother's child.

My Mama in one of her relaxed and happy moments. I love you Ma.
The father who is the symbol of strength of the family. Who doesn't say much but whose silence says a lot. He doesn't seem to show so much emotion but you can feel his devotion to the whole family. The father who disciplines his children so they won't go astray. The father who will put his life on the line just to make sure his family is safe. The father who has to wake up early and visit the farm to check if our "future" is growing well and sees to it that come harvest time, his children has good food in the table. A father who sacrifices a lot for us but doesn't admit it's a sacrifice at all because it was done out of love..

My Papang at SM Lanang, visiting her youngest hija. :)
The brothers and sisters we have are the first friends we have in the world. We quarrel with them about almost every thing petty or nonsense. We fight over many things but miraculously, our love for them is never diminished. That during wartime with other kids, we pull ourselves together and fight as a team. I once confronted a boy who punched my brother over a girl back in High School. We will never allow anyone to hurt them. We always have their support. Home is a happier place with them.

My brothers with our niece..

Our youngest brother and eldest sister.

rare photo together..

when we were younger..

My brother with our cute niece..

Our family is our foundation. After the world will drain everything from us. After the failures and success, we will always go home to our family. Even after we quarrel, even after we weather the storm, we will always long for our family.

And as I've said, I am the luckiest person to belong to a complete family.

I hope you can see the value of your family and see to it to make them feel your love to them everyday of your lives because EVEN IF EVERYTHING FAILS - Our career, social status, relationships - WE CAN BE SURE TO BE ABLE TO GO HOME TO A FAMILY.