Wednesday, March 20, 2013

When your bestfriend becomes Somebody

I just got the news that my dear best friend, Lemuel Leal passed the October 2012 Bar exam. I immediately called him up to say my congratulations. We both cried. He was telling me how thankful he is for all the prayers and how lucky he is that I am part of his life and that without me, he would have not done it although what I have given him only was my support, prayers, and encouragements. 

"Utod" as what I fondly calls him is a dear friend who I met ten years ago. We were classmates in Mindanao State University in General Santos City. We practically faced all the hurdles of college life together along with our other best friend, Marc Lynch Maguan who I call "Dirty". 

What I could not really forget is when the two of us had to be awake for 24 hours just to finish our thesis. The sacrifice paid off and we passed the thesis defense without much difficulties. I knew from the start that "utod" is destined to become somebody and I was right. This coming April 24, he will take his oath as one of the Philippines' Attorney-at-Law. I am so proud of him.

Lemuel and I when we were younger..hehehehehe..
And I envy him. Because he is now living "our" dream. The three of us, Utod, Dirty, and I entered law school to reach this dream but I had to stop. I was already on my 3rd year but I transferred work so I had to leave my studies behind. Dirty on the other hand is about to graduate from Law and I have no doubt, will become a lawyer very very soon. And I am left alone. Wondering when will I become one myself. 

Dirty and I..

goofing around..hehehehe..
Utod told me I must re-enroll this year. That he will support me all the way. I don't doubt it. But can I do it? My sister said that I don't have clear direction. Always starting something but not finishing it. Always taking risks. Always diving on something unknown. 

This makes me wonder if I am really making progress for myself. When I learned that Lemmie passed the Bar, a great realization washed over me. I am not thinking straight and I am not taking the straight path. I am lazy. I have no definite direction.

Don't get me wrong. I love my profession. I so love it that I chose it over law school. But that does not mean I don't love law as much as I do with my profession. It's just that, the need to earn a living becomes so great that I need to postpone the pursuit of law profession. Learning that utod passed the bar ignited again my desire. And this time, I will do it.

But I don't know how to start..again. There's the financial issue. There's my work. I can go to school at night. I can do that. Think..think..plan..plan..and decide.

Anyway, I am just glad that utod reached his dream already. He deserves it knowing how hard the struggles he had to overcome just to be where he is right now. 

moments with the "Spanish bread" vendors during college..

graduation with my best friends and some of our classmates!
And come to think of it, I have a lawyer best friend! How cool is that?!

Congratulations utod! I hope you will become a good practicing lawyer. Love you much!