Friday, March 22, 2013

Being fat is fun!

I am Fat. That's a Fact. When I had my check-up recently, the doctor said that my weight in proportion to my height is already categorized as 'obese' (Level 1, Thank God!). I was in great disbelief and concluded that this weight categorization sucks! See, I have always thought that obese people are those who have body types that can pass for a sumo wrestler!

 This one..

 or this! see my point???

The doctor said that I should lose my excess weight (which is about 29 pounds or 13 kilos!) to avoid health complications . She also told me that I already have the tendency to acquire high blood pressure! I really could not believe it but of course, I should since that's what the doctor said. I got scared really especially when I learned that obesity ranked 2nd, next to smoking, among the causes of death.

So, okay, I am fat. What can I do?? The food just can't resist tempting me. And they taste good! Why should I deprive myself of the pleasure to indulge myself in eating delicious food? What best way to spend my earnings than feed myself, right?

People tell me that I should lose weight because aside from the possibility of acquiring multiple weight-related illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease which which can cut your life up to 20 years, there are impacts on how people will view me as a person. Whatever.

When I was in High School, I had the curves worthy of the male species' second or third glance (some who were brave enough, stared) and I thought some girls envied me.hehehe. I am not saying that it's a good thing that people only look at you because of your physical attractiveness..but it somehow boosted my confidence. Then in college, I lost weight enough that a gust of wind could blow me away! Pretty much the same as the girl in the picture below. Even thinner!

When I gained tons of weight after college, naturally, I could not fit in my jeans anymore and I had to buy new ones. I could not wear fit blouses  because my belly fat protrudes to its finest glory. I was hesitant to have my pictures taken at a close range. I look thinner when my pictures are taken from afar. Hah! 

But I have already gotten used to it. And I finally told myself one day, fuck that! I am happy just the way I am. 

The people I know my whole life treat me the same and even became nicer to me.

My boyfriend never left me. And I think his love and affection intensifies each day.

I gained new friends. (I think, some people want to make friends with me because they can look better when they are with me..hahaha. Kidding).

I am always VISIBLE. I can be easily spotted in the crowd so I don't need to do anything to be noticed, really.

I became an excellent hugger because I feel like a cushion. So, some of my friends love to cuddle me.  Apparently, I feel soft!

My value as a professional has not been diminished but rather increases which proves that companies are more into what you can do for the business rather than being just an eye candy for the men at work.

I am adding also some of the comments of people I gathered in the net about the advantages of being fat.

  • “The extra layers of fat provide warmth in winter, so you don’t need to run the heater. Win for you, win for the environment.”
  • “Protective of internal organs (like how women gain weight in pregnancy for cushioning)”, “More adipose tissue in face can make you look younger” and “My cat & my child both like sitting on me cause I’m soft!”
  • “Studies have shown that as you get older, additional fat stores can prolong life.”
  • Why would I want to be friends with the kind of person who doesn’t like me the way I am?”
  •  “more body to tattoo”

On top of these all, I can easily identify the people who are interested in me as a person. It is easier to filter friends that way. I have had my dose of rejections but I realized that it's not worth my time hanging with shallow people anyway.

I would like to poke fun to myself so I'm going to share  these photos of me as I progress from being a thin gal to being a fat, happy woman that I am right now. :))